Useful Information To Know Before Buying A Vehicle

When it comes to car buying, it is a known fact that most people have a difficult time finding the right car. Based on results from Kelley Blue Book's Recent survey, women spend an average of 75 days, while men spend an average of 63 days to research and buy a vehicle. Sherrice Gilsbach, Associate Online Editor of Autoweek shares some information to be prepared for your next vehicle purchase.

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5 Tips To Prepare For The Labor Day Sales Event

Labor Day weekend is one of the highest car-sale periods of the year. This is a great time to buy a new car because dealerships need to push current year models out to make room for 2017 vehicle models. The manufacturers know these holidays drive in traffic and is a good opportunity to get some more purchases, so keep your eyes open for discounts and rebates.

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FCA’s 5-year Plan To Boost Global Sales by 59 Percent

FCA USA LLC is still facing a dealership lawsuit and a federal investigation and has had to “overhaul the way it reports monthly sales numbers, surrendering a key symbol of its post-bankruptcy resurgence: a 75-month streak of growing U.S. sales,” Automotive Newsfurther notes.

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The 411 On Commercial Vehicle Loans

According to FinanceSource.com, commercial vehicle loans “usually involve fleet funding services or commercial lenders who give more faith and power to a business simply because it is a business.”

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