Give Your Business The Best Gift, The Ram ProMaster City!

The Ram ProMaster City is the best gift you can get for all your business needs. If you need to transport any kind of cargo over a long distance or organize your tools, this vehicle is a must have. Ram has a strong standing reputation for tough, strong, and durable trucks. The same goes for their entire commercial lineup, all these vehicles are top-notch and ready to help small business owners get the job done.

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Chrysler Jeep Dodge – Air Bag Safety Update

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Stay Safe And Keep Your Jeep’s Software Updated

An article from revealed that 1.4 million Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles were recalled due to capabilities of the software being hacked, using Fiat Chrysler’s Connect Telematics system.

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5 Tips To Prepare For The Labor Day Sales Event

Labor Day weekend is one of the highest car-sale periods of the year. This is a great time to buy a new car because dealerships need to push current year models out to make room for 2017 vehicle models. The manufacturers know these holidays drive in traffic and is a good opportunity to get some more purchases, so keep your eyes open for discounts and rebates.

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4 Impressive Features On The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has it all and is a spectacular vehicle with some amazing features. Everyone knows the second and third row in a minivan is one of the main reasons you buy the vehicle in the first place. Having the extra room is essential when you have to transport half the soccer team to their next big game or load up the vehicle for a new home project.

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Summer Tips To Stay Safe On The Road

It’s summer once again and everyone’s eager to dig their toes on the sandy beach or go on a road trip with their family and friends. What most people don’t realize is that summer is “the most dangerous season of the year for driving” according to data from the Department of Transportation in 2014.

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Take Advantage Of Your Jeep This Summer In California’s Mountains

The summer is all about being outside basking in the beautiful weather and California's remarkable landscapes. The Jeep lineup has so much to offer including capable utility vehicles with all wheel-drive. While It's possible to explore California any time of the year, in any type of weather condition, you'll get the most out of your trips during the summer. When you have a Jeep you can take advantage of the best roads in California that are made of dirt, mud and snow. Most of these routes don't have a name and are hidden very well. These are the best roads because you'll avoid tourists during the holiday weekends, won't get stuck in any traffic, and experience the beauty California has to offer.

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Tips To Manage Fleet Risk

Here you will find some helpful tips and advice for those seeking to implement a risk management process for their businesses. Foremost in mind should be to include EVERYONE who drives a company vehicle, a short-term hire vehicle or a staff member who drives their own vehicle for business purposes. This means anyone driving on official company business should be included in your risk management plan.

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Tips For Commercial Auto Fleet Maintenance, Care and Safety

To Keep your Fleet Vehicles in tiptop shape, avoid costly repairs and ensure optimum safety and care for your fleet drivers, here are a few helpful tips from

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The Importance of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

In an article from, Insurance Information Institute Vice President Loretta Worters says that “business vehicles are often targets” of unscrupulous drivers looking to harass unsuspecting people on the road.

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Why Buying an Ex-Fleet Car Is a Good Idea

Here are five reasons why purchasing one can actually be a good deal. We compiled these surprising discoveries from

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The 411 On Commercial Vehicle Loans

According to, commercial vehicle loans “usually involve fleet funding services or commercial lenders who give more faith and power to a business simply because it is a business.”

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The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Remains a Legend

It’s amazing when a vehicle doesn’t need to provide an establishment of worthiness. The 2016 Jeep Wrangler is a prime example, this car is a throwback to the brand’s earliest days as a military supplier. It’s technology was truly born in the heat of war. Since then it has become a poster-car of adventure. Jeep has managed to keep this model’s authenticity by preserving its ability as an off-road legend.

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3 Fall Weekend Trips for your Jeep Before Winter Arrives

Some consider Jeep the official vehicle of the summer but summer has already passed us by. Before you zip up your Jeep and crank on the heaters to avoid the cold, lets take advantage of this fall weather. Jeep vehicles are perfect for this beautiful season, lets keep those tops down until the winter arrives and plan a few more weekend trips! This is Los Angeles after all where it never gets TOO cold. Even if snow were to hit Los Angeles a Jeep would be able to handle it either way so why not continue to push?

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Utilizing your Dodge Ram for an Extraordinary Camping Trip

We're one month deep into the fall and everyone is praying that winter stays away for the rest of the year. Realistically, fall with only last until December 21 (if you believe we get a winter!). Lets take the time to travel away from Los Angeles so we can let go from the stress of every day LA life.

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Certified Pre Owned Chrysler 200 Information For Los Angeles Buyers

You may be asking yourself how does a Chrysler 200 become a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle(CPOV)? Well let me enlighten you on how these vehicles have changed the game. As a matter of fact, some automobile connoisseurs announced that CPOV is now the very best purchase over tradition new and used vehicles.

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