2015 Chrysler 200C CNET Review for Los Angeles, CA


CNET takes a Chrysler 200 from the Los Angeles area for a spin and reviews all the new changes to a vehicle once known as the Chrysler Sebring.  The 200 is a far cry from the Sebring days but for many who followed the path of the car they were not sure if the re-design was a true re-design or just a name plate change.  Thankfully it’s the former not the later for those who are interested in this vehicle.  As an every day driver the Chrysler 200 is excellent getting on average about 28 MPG for a normal trip that includes some side streets and some freeway like any average commuter in Los Angeles.  While sitting in traffic in Los Angeles the comfortable leather seats, very well handled climate controls that can be set per passenger and four large windows the Chrysler 200 C is a great vehicle for the Los Angeles commuter.  If you get anywhere north of LA on the 5 freeway you can open this baby up and getas high as 36 MPG (actual, based on personal driving up to Northern California)

The Chrysler 200 is 100% not the Chrysler Sebring and shouldn’t really be mentioned in the same sentence again.  For a Los Angeles cruise down to Orange County the Chrysler 200 is a sleeper vehicle with a lot more power than one would expect in a six cylinder American sedan.  Again don’t take this blog’s word for it as CNET is singing the praises of the Chrysler 200 below.

For more information on the 2015 and 2016 Chrysler 200 in Los Angles stick to our blog that is dedicated to this new American sedan classic. These are the kinds of Chrysler cars that people sought after in the 80s when American cars were made for Americans. The Chrysler 200 is America’s Import but also America’s style. Sleek, stylish, and a lot of fun to drive especially in the 200c edition the Chrysler 200 is a looker on the low in Los Angeles.