Los Angeles hottest domestic vehicle is the 2015 Dodge Challenger

2015 Dodge Challenger 

Dodge has really surprised Los Angeles this year with their Challenger lineup. If you have the time to take a test drive around a magnificent city like Los Angeles you'll have an abundance of models to consider from Dodge in the Challenger model.  There are eight particular trim levels to choose from, plenty of engine choices for all levels of performance, and an assortment of paint colors to transform its style.  The manufactures suggest retail price varies ultimately on how much power and performance you want.  You could have a heavy Dodge Challenger 392 Scat pack crushing Los Angeles county or something more low key to get around in Downtown LA.

  • SXT - $26,995
  • SXT PLUS - $29,995
  • R/T - $31,995
  • R/T PLUS - $34,995
  • R/T SHAKER - $35,795
  • R/T PLUS SHAKER - $38,795
  • R/T  SCAT PACK - $38,995
  • 392 HEMI SCAT PACK SHAKER - $43,595
  • SRT 392 - $46,695
  • SRT HELLCAT - $59,995


Don't let these prices fool you on what the true appeal of the Challenger is. The  Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is exceptionally affordable, priced at just under 60 thousand.   If you think about having one of the fastest production cars in history for less than 100,000 wasn't possible, it is.  Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, and other movie stars living all over Los Angeles are buying up these Challenger SRT Hellcats to drive along side their Ferraris.  This is the most powerful American production vehicle ever, period, bar none. You can thank the 6.2L Supercharged Hemi V8 SRT Hellcat engine for that, when set in its 700+ horsepower mode. But be careful, a street car this powerful simply isn't for everyone. Even from a dead stop, this machine has so much power if you nudge the gas too much you'll send the tires spinning and the back end will lose control if handled incorrectly. It's easy for someone who has never driven this car to assume its like any other muscle car, but the Hellcat will definitely surprise any average driver that gets a chance to open it up on a nice dry span of asphalt.

Hellcat has true "muscle car" power but its not for the common driver. If you're looking for something  less intimidating and easier to handle while still providing that high-performance thrust. There are three different engines that are offered in their lineup of Challengers.  The first engine that resides inside the SXT and SXT+ model is the 3.6-liter V6 24-valve VVT engine that pushes out 305 horsepower, a 5.7-liter V8 Hemi under the hood of the R/T,R/T+, and R/T+ Shaker with a whopping 372 hp. The 6.4-liter V8 Hemi with up to 485 hp.
Sierra Dodge of Los Angeles has a nice selection of Dodge Challengers in every color, trim package, and interior combination that you can think of.  The Dodger Challenger really is one of the hottest cars in Los Angeles right now just based on sheer volume sales in the region and Sierra Dodge is one of the top locations to get it in the area.  We take pride in our Dodge Challenger inventory and also have the ability to custom order cars for the consumer.  Call Sierra Dodge today or shoot us an email.  Sierra Dodge treats all Los Angeles residents like family.  We don't just say it, we do it.


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