Certified Pre Owned Chrysler 200 Information For Los Angeles Buyers

Related imageYou may be asking yourself how does a Chrysler 200 become a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle(CPOV)? Well let me enlighten you on how these vehicles have changed the game. As a matter of fact, some automobile connoisseurs announced that CPOV is now the very best purchase over tradition new and used vehicles.   So how does a vehicle obtain this sensational title? Most manufactures, or other certified authorities like Sierra Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Southern California start with used vehicles that are usually less than five years old. These carefully selected cars begin their journey through an uncompromising inspection checklist. Some of these checklist range from 100 all the way up to 300 individual evaluations. For example, Chrysler uses a 120 point checklist for their analysis. This really helps the buyer that doesn't have the time or knowledge to check out the certified pre owned Chrysler 200. The first 5 are the most important. They decide if the car will qualify to become a CPOV for Chrysler.

  • Must have under 75,000 miles
  • Less than 5 years old
  • Clean title
  • No frame damage
  • Car modifications must not compromise safety, emissions, and operation of the vehicle

These are some of the first things people look into when buying a used car. They want to know how many miles it has, the year of the car, and if it has body damage. When buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle you'll feel safe because you know hundreds of these detailed inspections have already been evaluated for you.

They start with a pre-road test that has an under the hood checkup before hitting the Los Angeles streets. Reviewing that the battery and charging system are in excellent working condition. Then they check that the brake fluid, power steering, and all other necessary liquids are filled. The Chrysler 200 safety and operational checks includes a comprehensive investigation making sure all safety operations are working properly. Checking all seat belts, door locks, windows, headlamps, fog lamps, and high beams.  The Chrysler 200 is touched from head to toe, top to bottom to make sure everything is safe.  Even the 2015 Chrysler 200 media dash is triple checked and cleaned.  Los Angeles drivers take their CPOV vehicles seriously as they are the number #1 same brand sellers at most dealerships around the area.  Chrysler dealers like Sierra Chrysler are no different when it comes to the Chrysler 200.  As a fast rising sedan in ultra competitive Los Angeles the Chrysler 200 and it's CPOV brethren have to be top notch.


The Chrysler 200 Los Angeles road test is a close inspection on the performance of the vehicle. There is a wide range of categories that are covered.

  • Steering performance
    • Power steering
    • Steering wheel alignment
    • vehicle tracking performance
  • Braking performance
    • Antilock brake system
    • Stopping performance
    • booster performance
  • Equipment operation
    • Overdrive
    • Cruise control
    • Gauges
    • entertainment system
  • Power train performance
    • Clutch operation
    • Up shifting performance
    • Downshifting performance

The list doesn't stop yet! There are plenty more rigorous test to ensure you that your vehicle is entirely certified. So the next time you're in Los Angeles or Orange County stop by Sierra Chrysler home of the Chrysler 200 in Los Angeles