Utilizing your Dodge Ram for an Extraordinary Camping Trip

Dodge Ram 1500

We're one month deep into the fall and everyone is praying that winter stays away for the rest of the year. Realistically, fall with only last until December 21 (if you believe we get a winter!). Lets take the time to travel away from Los Angeles so we can let go from the stress of every day LA life. When you setup your hammock under the trees or next to the lake and relax while letting the world dissolve away, you'll instantly feel rejuvenated. So pack up a Dodge Ram Truck and take the time before its too late to enjoy an amazing camping trip with friends and family!

Without a doubt, Ram Trucks make excellent camping vehicles. The bed of your Dodge Ram 1500 will neatly fit all your camping essentials, load up your sleeping bags, camp stove, firewood, and all other appliances you wish to bring along. The RamBox Cargo Management System that is located in the side rails of your truck bed is one of my favorite features. It is well lit making it easy to find what you need at night, and very secure.  Do not under estimate the small things when it comes to this vehicle and camping.
If you don't want to be the mountainous type battling the wilderness and sleeping in a tent under the stars, there's no need to worry. Ram Trucks also support the practical camper, just hitch up your reliable camping trailer to the back of a Ram and you'll be able to haul your home on wheels from Los Angeles to any camp ground you desire. If you need extra towing power the Dodge Ram 3500 offers a maximum towing power of  30,000 pounds, this is a huge advantage if you like to go camping in luxury.
Sierra RAM of Los Angeles has over 30 RAM 1500 trucks in stock. In addition our Internet sales staff can also help custom order any RAM Truck that you currently want, built to your choosing.  If we do not have the exact truck that meets the needs of our customers we will find the RAM truck no matter what it takes.  Our truck business is very important to us in Los Angeles.