3 Fall Weekend Trips for your Jeep Before Winter Arrives

Some consider Jeep the official vehicle of the summer but summer has already passed us by. Before you zip up your Jeep and crank on the heaters to avoid the cold, lets take advantage of this fall weather. Jeep vehicles are perfect for this beautiful season, lets keep those tops down until the winter arrives and plan a few more weekend trips!  This is Los Angeles after all where it never gets TOO cold.  Even if snow were to hit Los Angeles a Jeep would be able to handle it either way so why not continue to push?


Fall officially began on September 22nd, this means colder temperatures and shorter days. On the bright side this causes leaves across the country to stop producing chlorophyll, the green-tinted pigment that captures sunlight to make energy. This causes the orange and yellow pigments to shine and turns roadsides into amazing canvases of color. Put on some warm clothes and keep your top down as you drive to your weekend destination, the unbroken view of this once a year event will definitely be worth it.
The way to appreciate fall's natural beauty in Los Angeles is to plan a trip into the wilderness and taking advantage of your Jeeps off road effectiveness.  Inside of Los Angeles you get cars, concrete and buildings.  Never much plant life and certainly no color changing trees anywhere near Downtown LA.   If you don't know where to start you can search for a local 4x4 club in your area, there are plenty of clubs that will appreciate any new members and welcome you with open arms. You can check out their trail ride calendar and strengthen your off road confidence. If you're new you can start with a beginner course or if you already have some experience under your belt, you can tackle one of the more extreme trails. On top of seeing nature elegance, you'll have a chance to make new friends and check out their personalized Jeeps.  The beauty of the Jeep is that it is safe but is also a very rugged vehicle that can go in any terrain.  That is the heart of a Jeep.

One of my favorite weekend getaways is camping! After that long trip on the trails, and spending time in the wilderness with your new 4x4 companions. Nothing is better than sitting around a campfire and reminiscing the great stories of the day. Make sure you pack your jeep with a tent and some camping gear before you trek out into the wilderness. The campgrounds will be less crowded in the fall due to the cold weather, pack some extra layers in with your gear to protect against the chiller weather, and you'll understand why Jeep is a great vehicle for any season of the year.
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