5 Maintenance tips for your 2016 Chrysler 200

A fool proof system to keep your 2016 Chrysler 200 running at its best in these Los Angeles streets is to keep up with inspections and routine maintenance.  When you continuously maintain your vehicle you’ll reduce future repair costs, enhance your car’s performance, protect its value, and extend its life. Here are 5 important maintenance tips to keep in the back of your mind for the well being of your vehicle.  Let's face it Los Angeles traffic can really put a hurting on your car so it's best to do everything possible to keep it happy.


Keeping your 2016 Chrysler 200's wheels properly inflated is critical for a safe and smooth ride. The wheels of your vehicle should be the only part of your vehicle that touches the road and forgetting to inspect your tire pressure could cause the opposite, which no one wants to experience.  With the pot holes and bumpy surfaces up and down Los Angeles freeways this is extra important in our area.  Stability and traction are affected by the amount of air in your tires. Making sure keep the right PSI(pounds per square inch) is imperative, having too little or too much air in your tires is very dangerous.  Optimal traction on those rare rainy days in Los Angeles when people cannot seem to drive could save you from getting into a hairy situation.


Regularly checking on your vehicles air filter is a quick and inexpensive($20-$50) maintenance routine that many people forget about, keeping an eye on your filters will prevent dust and other unnecessary particles from entering the internal parts of your car or truck's engine.  Los Angeles is known to have smog and tons of dust from the Santa Ana winds kicked about so this is double important in the area.  This will increase the Chrysler 200's fuel efficiency, prolong the engines life, and reduce emissions.  Again, in an area like Los Angeles where heavy driving is done it is important to stay up on the air filters.


Making sure your spark plugs are in working order made it on this list because these little plugs are what keeps your 2016 Chrysler 200 moving on the road. They provide the needed spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture inside the cylinders, this repeated ignition is a fundamental element of your 2016 Chrysler 200's motor.


This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your car running strong for the years to come. Lubricating all internal components inside an engine is critical, thousands of controlled blast happen every minute causing enormous friction and heat. Fresh oil helps draw heat away from the combustion chamber.


The final Chrysler 200 service tip i have for you today is checking your brake pads. Driving a vehicle that can't stop is crazy, and driving in Los Angeles without brakes is even crazier. If i had a nickle for every time another car swerved out in front of me, i would have enough money to buy a brand new 2016 Chrysler 200. So its imperative that brake your brake pads are well taken care.
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