Jeep Brand Super Clio Award


The Jeep Brand needs no introduction with 75 years behind their name, they definitely have made an impact in the world. When it comes to impressive, inspirational achievements and capabilities the Jeep is at the top of my list. This year Jeep spent around $166,666 a second for 60 seconds this year on their 2016 Super Bowl ad, I believe it was worthy every penny. Adweek awarded the Jeep Brand’s Super Bowl ad the Super Clio for best commercial of the big game.

This minute-long work of art titled “Portraits” was created by Iris Worldwide in New York City. It features the faces of more than 60 famous people as well as ordinary people who have had a connection with the brand over the past 75 years. The Super Clio commissioner Rob Reilly said, “Jeep could have easily shown driving footage or something similar, but they chose to show very little product and tell a great story.”

The story told is something a lot of people can relate to. They reference Monroe riding in a Jeep when she went to visit the U.S troops stationed in Korea, a Jeep escaping a T-Rex in Jurassic Park, helping the resistance outrun some T-800’s in the Terminator and so much more. The ad closes with a quote saying, “We don’t make Jeep. You do.”
The Jeep brand wouldn’t be around if you wasn’t for all of you who love it and keep it alive. Here at Sierra Jeep of Los Angeles County we appreciate all Jeep lovers and welcome you to come check out our enormous selection Jeep vehicles located off the 210 and 605 freeways in Monrovia, California.