Jeep Preparations for your Mountain Getaway Trip

Jeep Mountain

If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, California. I'm sure your mountain trip to Big Bear or Mammoth is just around the corner this time of year. Whether it is to snow board or just for that thin, fresh air. In Big Bear you will have freezing weather, snow storms, and tons of ice on the roads. Before you get overwhelmed with decorating the house or waiting in lines for your holiday shopping. I want to give you a few quick reminders on some basic preparations you should consider to assure you and your jeep have a safe journey to the mountains without any trouble. Jeep owners live for these type of days and trips.
The most common inspection of a vehicle that is forgotten about before a trip into the cold weather is tire pressure! With the pot holes in Los Angeles this is equally important outside of any conditions. Even if you had your tires inspected during the fall, you must get them checked again during the winter. Why? Every time the temperature drops ten degrees, your tires will lose about one pound of tire pressure. During the winter nights your tires will be dangerously low, effecting the handling of your vehicle. If you have a newer model vehicle you probably have a built in tire pressure monitor, but for everyone with an older vehicle it must be checked manually. Even in LA where it doesn't get all that cold a freak chilly night could make a world of a difference.

Another great preparation is to make sure you check your battery and the cooling system in your Jeep. Most people forget that its harder to start your engine in the mountains. Your battery will get weaker and weaker the more the temperature drops, and you'll need more power to get the engine started. Honda or Jeep Wrangler just the same when it comes to this. That means you'll need your battery to be in its prime to handle these tough weather conditions. Also make sure you check your antifreeze. If you don't have a good coolant in your engine there is a chance of it freezing plain and simple. When coolant freezes it'll expand and destroy your engine block, this will put a dent in your wallet that you don't want during the holidays.
Driving through the mountains presents a number of obstacles for you and your Jeep vehicle. The cold weather will test your abilities as a driver, and the limits of your car's mechanical capabilities. Without proper maintenance you might find yourself sliding into a guard rail or stranded on the side of the road in negative degree weather. Even the smallest things can leave you wondering why your vehicle broke down. Damaged spark plug wires, water pumps, and hoses will surely defeat you during your winter getaway.
Sierra Jeep is located off the 210 freeway not too far from a nice trip up to Big Bear, CA. With a new Jeep from Sierra and the planning you could go on your own adventure up in the mountains of Southern California. If anything happens to your Jeep we also are here to help you out with that at Sierra Jeep in Monrovia, CA.


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