Military Appreciation Month


What is National Military Appreciation month? It all began 17 years ago as a simple idea for Americans to wrap their heads around the concept of honoring, remembering, and appreciating everyone who is serving and has served the country. With the support of over 50 veteran service organizations, Senator John McCain, and Representative Duncan Hunter, legislation passed in the U.S Senate. Labeling May as National Military Appreciation Month. 5 years later in April 2004, there was a unanimous consent from both Houses of Congress to pass a more comprehensive legislation(H. CON. RES. 328) that urges the President to issue an annual proclamation. This helps Americans to be apart of this extraordinary month of May through ceremonies and events. Not that every month shouldn’t be Military Appreciation month! We here at Sierra Chrysler Jeep are very proud to support those who support us. In addition FCA (FIAT Chrysler Automobiles) provides a 500 dollar rebate for active and retired military month in and month out. Obviously the Jeep brand has a long history with the military and FCA wants to recognize that.
May was preferred for Military Appreciation month because it has the most days set aside for commemorating and celebrating our military’s accomplishments. It started back in 1921 when Loyalty Day was established, Victory in Europe Day that celebrates the end of WWII in Europe on May 8, 1945, Armed Forces Day established  in 1949, Military Spouse Appreciation Day created in 1984, and the most acknowledged May holiday, Memorial Day. Makes sense right?
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