Tips For Buying A New Jeep in 2016


Are you looking for a new Jeep this new year in Los Angeles? Whether you’re buying your first vehicle or your fifth, this helpful guide has plenty of useful tips to make your vehicle buying experience a straightforward and simple process. Make sure to stop by or check out our outstanding online Jeep inventory at Sierra Jeep Los Angeles after reading these advantageous tips.

We’ll start this list off making sure you know how much money you’re willing to spend and if you are shopping for your own financing. For the majority of people, buying a new car for the full price is inconceivable. Financing is the only way we can afford a new car. Most dealerships say they can finance anyone, this is true most of the time, but the interest rates will skyrocket depending on your credit. Taking the time to check out your local bank or credit union will give you an idea of what rates you qualify for.

Choosing the right vehicle model and trim package is another one of our valuable tips that helps you pick the most comfortable Jeep for your style of driving. Jeep has an enormous line up of high quality trucks and SUVs, with each model offering several trim packages you’ll surely fall in love with one of them. It’s important that you don’t make a hasty decision and spend the time to research what each vehicle has to offer. A car in Los Angeles is very unique in that we spend a lot of time in them. Is leather seats for traffic very important? Or are you looking for a sun roof to let the sun in? Make sure to research all your options or speak with a Jeep specialist at Sierra Jeep Los Angeles for more information.

After finding that perfect model, you’ll have to consider what drive train you want. You can choose from 2x4, 4x4, or All-Wheel Drive. Four-wheel drive uses two differentials and a transmission case in order to administer power to all four wheels. All-Wheel drive uses a front, rear, and center differential to contribute power to the wheels that require the most torque. If you live closer to the snowy mountains, AWD will provide you with better traction and more control than the rest.
Sierra Jeep of Los Angeles County is located off the 210 and 606 freeways in Monrovia. With tons of Jeep Cherokees in stock and one of the best overall selections of Jeeps in Los Angeles, Sierra Jeep is the place to go for your next vehicle.


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